About Me

Hi There!

I’m Vanessa Stimmel. I’m an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Educator/Consultant for Beautycounter, and Health & Wellness Blogger. I was raised on Long Island but currently reside with my little family on the Connecticut Shoreline. I’m married to my handsome college sweetheart.  We have a little boy who is now a rambunctious toddler, so we are constantly on our toes and [mostly] in stitches.  We also have a Golden Retriever who we are convinced is at least a quarter human.

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This husband of mine is an NCAA Division I coach, which means our lives are a bit unconventional.  We’ve been on one big adventure the past 10 years – lots of moves, old friends, new friends, hellos, and goodbyes. It’s been beautiful and challenging and it has cultivated a deep love and care for people in my heart.

I love the Creator of all this even more. I see His profound provision and grace everywhere I turn. I trust our God is good, and He perpetually has His hand reached out to each of us.  My faith in Christ is a thread that runs through each area of my life.

I deeply value health from every angle – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally – because I firmly believe we must steward these parts of us well. I have been on a personal journey to pursue overall wellness for the past 11 years – and the scope of that only continues to grow.

I would love to come alongside you in your journey!